Green lights for the future:

We are on the right track.



From the very beginning, a quote of founder Siegfried Spiess represented the general principle of the companys' philosophy: "You have to do something the others don´t do." And we have been remaining true to our success formula for racetrack and business until today: better quality - higher performance - higher value.

Both the automotive industry itself and motor racing currently have to cope with a radical change. And so, we also are working on redefining us for the future and consequently breaking new ground. But despite all the changes we will remain true to our principles:

Thrilled customers
Good relationships are long-term relationships - even if times, markets and products are changing. Therefore, long-term relationships represent a top priority for us. We are an independent family enterprise providing tailor-made top-quality products and services for our customers on the global market. Values such as honesty, faith and loyalty are the basis for our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.
An experienced and likeable team is available for the individual realisation of your desires. No matter if on or aloof from the track: we offer you an extensive all-round service. Our experts will be happy to meet you, discuss with you by phone or accompany to the racetrack as advisor. Our goal: to bind our existing customers to us and gain new ones. Only if clicks and the enthusiasm is shared everybody will have won: you as customer our best services and drive systems and we as company a new, thrilled customer.
Outstanding employer
Every single Spiess employee represents an important part of the Spiess team. Therefore, teamwork and a respectful cooperation are basic principles for our family enterprise. We opt for short decision-making channels and manageable department sizes. For our sustainable success we consistently invest R&D, company and business equipment as well as our employees.


We attach major importance to the competitiveness of our products that are well-known due to their performance and reliability. To be able to quick respond to changes we monitor the market extremely thoroughly. After all, we want to grow with each of our investments to keep the Spiess foundation solid, in the future.


Social responsibility
We are deep-rooted in our region around the city of Stuttgart. Therefore, we also have the intense desire to take co-responsibility for our business environment. As responsible company we support the elucidation of children regarding the safety in traffic and in addition, we are involved in school projects in our environment and offer school hand-on trainings and pre hand-on trainings.



Since 2018 we have been available in three guises: with the brands Spiess RACing, Spiess Classic and Spiess CNC we appeal independent customers and business customers from both the automotive and the non-automotive industries.