First Part Right:

We don´t need a second chance.



We have a good command of both: working with conventional machines and with highly sophisticated CNC processing centres both represent a matter of course, for us. Therefore, we are able to offer you a broad range of services:

  Seatring processing

  Interpolation surfacing

  CNC milling (3-5-processing)

  Manual milling

  Milling CNC und manual

  Manual surfacing


  Autogenous welding




  Blast cleaning

  Engraving and laser labelling

  CAD-CAM programming also for external use

Particularly in motor racing, accuracy and rapidness represent important criterions and are crucial for wins. Therefore, being experts with 45 years of experience in the CNC production, we have got the fully automated and sophisticated machines as they alone meet our quality and performance standards.

We produce and process parts, prototype, components, assembly groups and appliances accurate to a thousandth of a millimetre. Due to our close cooperation of our  construction, production and the engine-building department we are able to act with extremely short response time and maximum flexibility and to commit ourselves to individual desires of customers.

Thanks to our extensive tool selection, we are able to craft highly complex and special components. Due to our 5, 4 and 3-axis processing centres we have to cope with nearly no limitations. Meanwhile, we also use conventional special machines in addition to CNC technology based on CAM when it comes to very special tuning.

Thanks to our long-term experience we can rely on an extensive global supplier network. Therefore, we are able to always provide one-stop solutions - even if there is something we can´t process ourselves..