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Siegfried Spiess Motorenbau GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary. 


Championship title in the Euroformula Open and the Superformula Lights.

Erwin Buck with the 2.0l Spiess engine becomes KW Berg-Cup winner in the overall ranking and in the class up to 2000ccm, vice mountain champion and touring car Berg-Cup winner.  


Reproduction start of historical CNC parts.

Wide range of engine design of various manufacturers (Ferrari, Porsche)


Back to the Roots: Spiess ist hillclimb with the newly developed Spiess engine and Erwin Buck.

Entry into the Euroformula Open with the Spiess A41 engine.




Introduction of the brands Spiess RACing, Spiess Classic and Spiess CNC

R&D cooperation with colleges and universities


Hat-trick: Three consecutive wins in Macau, Formula 3 and Rally.


The fastest German single-seater series now is called ATS Formula 3 Cup. And the 2017 champion also is powered by the engine made in Ditzingen. The victorious OPC-Challenge power unit was developed by Spiess exclusively for the German market - as cost-efficient and long-living engine spec. In 2007, Volkswagen make their comeback in Formula 3 racing. After first test races in 2007, the manufacturercontest the full 2008 season and already secured its first race win. At the same time, the new Volkswagen engine also is used in the ATS Formula 3 Cup.



The Recaro Formula 3 Cup enters - as scheduled - its final season. For four years, the seat manufacturer supported Germany´s national F3 sport, thus representing an important pillar for the establishing of the series - what also applies to Spiess. And in the fourth Recaro Formula 3 Cup season the Spiess-tuned two-litre engines once again prove to be the benchmark: China´s Ho-Pin Tung wins the title with a Dallara F304 Opel-Spiess and is promoted to the GP2 series.

The prototyping and testing of high-performance derivates is added to the Siegfried Spiess Motorenbau GmbH business areas.


For the first time Spiess develops a diesel engine for endurance rallying.


Bastian Kolmsee wins the Recaro Formula 3 Cup title with Spiess power. The drivers relying on Spiess power win an impressive 16 of the 18 races and even secure 17 pole positions.



In addition to the Spiess core market Germany and the business extensions on several other markets Spiess now also captures the Argentinean market. the Spiess-enhanced Opel touring-car engines also are used in the South American country.

The Recaro Formula 3 Cup makes its debut and all the car on its grid are powered by Spiess-tuned engines.

A dynamic engine-test bench represents an important part of the technical equipment and is used for both the optimisation of the development work and the extension of the business areas.


For the American Le Mans Series, General Motors USA are supplied by Spiess with finished engine components. A new engine generation is developed for Opel´s Formula 3 involvement and is run simultaneously with its predecessor.


Development and construction of a DTM engine. When the DTM is revived, Spiess also is on the grid - with the Opel Astra V8 Coupé. The championship is turned into a thrilling battle for the title right from the start and despite numerous race wins, Opel are pipped, in the end. In the following years, Opel and Spiess become important pillars of the globally appreciated DTM.





Development and construction of an STW engine (STW = Super Touring Car Championship): Finally a new touring-car project in Germany. Opel and Spiess win the manufacturers title as early as in 1998. At the same time, Spiess engines also are used in the British Touring Car Championship and in 1999, the South African Championship is added.


The success story is continued with Opel. In 1992, drivers powered by Opel-Spiess win the titles in Germany, France and Italy.


The successful VW Formula 3 project ends after more than 10 years of cooperation - and is followed by the Opel era. The new Opel-Spiess power unit has got what it takes to win in Formula 3 right away. Michael Schumacher is one of the last drivers to have won the Formula 3 title with a VW-Spiess engine.


Spiess designes and develops Volkswagen-based Formula 3 engine without works order. But in 1988 this engine convinces VW works squad so much that they opt for switching to Spiess. A move that will result in numerous championship titles.




The on-track successes result in business success. The company moves to a new building and a new state-of-the-art test bench is put into operation.


Spiess develops its first Formula 3 engine.


The first single-seater with Spiess engine: Helmut Henzler wins the German and the European championships in the Formula VW Super-VAU. For the first time, Spiess mechanics are on site to look after the car and maintain it in every race meeting. In 1978, Spiess put their first engine-test bench into operation.


The last championship title powered by a Spiess-NSU engine was won by Willi Bergmeister in 1974 as the car manufacturer merges with Audi in 1977 - and Spiess also cooperates with the new partners: in the European cup, an Audi "powered by Spiess" wins the first title for the new group.




22nd March: Spiess Tuning is founded.


The first successes on four wheels: Siegfried Spiess secures the German Hill Climb Championship title with an NSU. The engine of the 1000 that is tunes by Spiess himself is used by NSU for their production car TTS. The foundations for the future tuning company are laid. In 1967 and 1968 "Siggi" Spiess adds further titles to his tally to then retire as racing driver for good.

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