In Good Hands:

Long-term experience and well-founded know-how.



As nearly nobody knows the engine as well as those that designed, developed and produced it, the Spiess engine experts will be delighted with accompanying you to your races, should you want us to do so.


To make sure that you can fully focus on the race we will execute the mechanical and electronic works on your engine right on site at the circuit. In addition we offer you data analysis and survey. And we are well prepared for nearly every possible incident. Interfaces allow us to execute an instant diagnosis and intervene in the engine management as necessary. We work fast and competent as your optimum race result is a matter of the heart, for us. We would be happy to create an individual bid for you.


By dint of the data analysis, problems can be detected and eliminated early. Our experts analyse the engine data for you, make changes on the ECU´s data file to afterwards send it back to you. We can do this both on-site and aloof from the track.

Are you interested in our services or do you desire individual assistance that wasn´t specified on our list? Should this be the case please contact us! Creating an offer for you will be a pleasure for us!