Trophy for our event designed and constructed in-house by our students

For our Spiess Racing corporate event, our students designed and manufactured a trophy in-house.

After an extensive collection of design ideas, the final design was determined together in the team. A go-kart tire was used as a basic structure that was converted into a trophy. In the first step, the cover plate for the cup was designed, and then the technical drawing for in-house production was dimensioned and toleranced in accordance with the standards. Furthermore,supporting feet for the cup were designed and the technical drawing for the production was also provided. After the parts were produced on the CNC lathe, they were polished again with polishing paste at the visible points. The cover plates for the cup still had to be laser engraved with the specially designed logo and labeling.

As soon as the individual parts were ready, the trophies for the winners were assembled.

The event promised some exciting races in which the successes have been rewarded with a trophy!